Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mattisons - From Farm to Fork

I just got back from an amazing meal at Mattison's City Grille in downtown Sarasota.  I have been to Mattison's several times before and the food is amazing (a personal favorite is the crab cakes and the Greek Salad served with lamb chops in a cucumber dressing....delicious) The location and atmosphere of Mattison's in downtown Sarasota is a huge draw.

What brought me to Mattison's today was the Farm to Fork dinner that they hosted in part with Edible Magazine.  Farm to Fork meals promotes local restaurants using local food, organic food. Today's brunch was a five-course meal, with every course getting better than the next.

Below is the menu that was served today:

Watercress Soup with crispy pork belly crumbs

Hunsader's Baby Swiss Chard & Cauliflower Frittata with a baby heirloom tomatoes-olive salsa

Arugula Salad with apricots, chèvre toasted pistachios, and topped with a Hi Hat tangerine vinaigrette

Mattison's Crab Cake Benedict with poached dancing goat quail eggs topped with a King's yummy pepper hollandaise and Siberian caviar

Bay Side Stuffed French Toast with cream cheese and strawberry compote.

Whatever the occasion, I recommend that you check out Mattison's for great food in a great atmosphere in Downtown Sarasota. 

Mattison's also has two other locations. 

For more info about upcoming Farm to Fork meals check out:

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