Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Central Cafe - A new lunch favorite

I cannot say enough about the Central Cafe.  Located in Bradenton in a beautiful old brick building, the Central Cafe is a great place for lunch.  The inside is quaint, exposed brick walls, black tables, and a small little bar with great beers on top and a recently acquired liquor licence, this cafe reminds me of somewhere in Manhattan and not Bradenton, Florida.  For lunch, I had the Californian club, which was ahi tuna seared rare, with bacon, tomato and greens with wasabi mayo.  The sandwich was so delicious, the combination of tuna, bacon and wasabi mayo was amazing.  I'm salivating just thinking about it.  They also have hand cut french fries, which are a nice change from the typical "frozen fries".  The vinaigrette dressing that they offer on the house salad has a tangy and sweet flavor with is very appealing.  Central Cafe is closed on the weekends (probably due to the business district location) and serves dinner Tuesday - Friday until 9pm (however, I don't think the menu is different)  Central Cafe is a meal I am still thinking about and I can't wait to go back to taste other items on the menu.

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