Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Waffle House - A review from a Northerner

OK, I can't believe that I am writing a review on Waffle House, but being from the North and not having a Waffle House even close, I need to tell you about my experience here.  I was very skeptical about Waffle House, I always remember seeing them on our family trips down to Florida and always associated them with truck stops.  I recently visited a Waffle House and let me tell you how surprised I was about the delicious food.
The Waffle Houses are small in size, always have a nice staff and a jukebox that plays classic tunes.  The waffles are the thing to have here.  I don't know what they do to them but they are so fluffy and soft with a hint of vanilla in them.  The hashbrowns are standard with a breakfast order and you can get them in a multitude of ways.  My favorite is, scattered, peppered, smothered and covered.  For those of you who are not down with the Waffle House lingo, that jalepenos, onions and cheese on top, well done.
After such a delicious breakfast, I had to go back to see what the lunch with like, and let me tell you, again I was surprised.  The chicken melt, with sauteed onions and cheese, come on a choice of Texas Toast or Whole Wheat Bread is delicious! The chicken is consistently tender and juicy. I'm trying to figure out how they always get the chicken like that.
So if you are looking for a inexpensive delicious meal that you can always get since most Waffle House's are open 24hrs I highly recommend this spot.  It has turned around this New Yorker's opinion of Waffle House.

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  1. Waffle House rocks! Fav for late night or traveling.