Tuesday, October 19, 2010

La Carreta - MIA It's not just airport food

On a recent layover in Miami International Airport, my friend told me that I had to eat at La Carreta.  He said it was absolutely delicious so of course I had to see what he was talking about.  After all it's in an airport how good can it be?  La Carreta is a cuban restaurant that is cafeteria style at a great price.  The food tastes like it was made just for you and with love.  I had a HUGE piece of chicken done Cuban style with yellow rice and sweet plantains.  It was delicious.  I couldn't believe how good the food tasted and that I was eating this delicious meal in an airport.  They also make any pork or steak entree at your request.  I have done a lot of traveling and have passed through a lot of airports.  Hands down this is the best food I have ever had in an airport.  So next time you are flying through MIA make sure you check out La Carreta for a wonderful pre-flight or layover meal.  I promise you won't be disappointed.

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  1. thats cool its hard to get good food in airports and adore Cuban Miami rocks