Monday, September 27, 2010

Steak 954 @ W Fort Lauderdale

I have eaten at numerous hotel restaurants around the country, mostly for convenience.  I repeatedly have stayed at the W Fort Lauderdale whenever I am in town and I am consistently amazed by the food here.  Located on the main floor of the hotel, Steak 954 offers an amazing view of the beach and an amazing tank filled with jelly fish that are truly memorizing.

The breakfast at 954 is delicious.  I usually have the bagel and lox, which is particularly good with the pickled red onion they serve with it.  My other favorite for breakfast is their pancakes served with berries and chantilly cream.  A large cup of the Illy coffee that they serve compliments any breakfast choice perfectly.

For dinner, I ALWAYS get the poached lobster in butter sauce.  It is usually a little expensive, served at market price (typically around $75) but this is worth it! You get a 2lb poached lobster tail that is drenched in a butter sauce.  It is definitely one of the best things I have eaten.  I have heard that their steaks are as equally good (I don't eat red meat so I couldn't tell you)

The desserts are not typical, however, the Baked Alaskan is delicious with its meringue topping, and the carrot cake (a personal favorite) is delicious as well.

If your ever in town, I recommend checking this hotel restaurant out because you will be pleasantly surprised

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